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The book Stories from a Cow Girl Diary - Europe - Great Britain 

click to grab a black and white version of the book stories from a cow girl diary Europe Great Britain same stories graphics in black and white and so priced at a tad more realist price to sell click to grab a Kindle version of the book Stories from a Cow Girl Diary Europe Great Britain click to grab the book Stories from a cow girl diary - Europe, Great Britain, the doodles from a do it yourself diary with a tad of few, blunt,rather funny, comments on the reality of trying to fit into the Great British take on life,On a cowgirls adventures in that that amazing wonderland called Great Britain in Europe. These short stories are written up from the point of view of a can do, bit of a geek, cowgirl, who refuses to take anything seriously, defaults to humor when under pressure and sadly has no dignity what so ever in her make up. The stories are written up as diary entries and cover from dealing with a peeping tom in a quiet English village, delivery chaps, the British Gun Laws, attending a Swingers Party, a rather formal Christmas dinner and more. Included also are the doodles from the same cowgirls do it yourself renovation of houses diary, ranging from why am I doing this moments occurs with painful regularity to when are you going to get a real job. The doodles from the d.i.y. diary are a reality check on actually doing the physical work while renovating, and will provide much humor to any who has actually wielded a paint brush, fulled skips, plumbed in a washer, whether on a professional basis or as a fellow do it yourself-er. This book is a humorous look at discovering the British and Great Britain and joining in on that great British past time: Do It Yourself Home Renovation. The intention of the author in writing this book was to create loud bursts of uncontrollable laughter in the reader