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On adventures in the magical wonderland that is France in Europe: The book Stories from a Cow Girl Diary Europe France covers:
Dealing with Spiders; Learning about French Men; The reality of camping in France; Driven mad by neighbors from Hell; Hen Picked by a British Bantam Chicken Licken; French coffee & MacDonald takeaways French Style; Corsica Hot Pools; Unisex wash rooms; Desperate for Diesel; French Kissing; Orange Pee; Even more Desperate for a Pipe in France; French sign language and loads more, all short stories are written up as Diary Entries by a can do, bit of a geek, cow girl. Included also are doodles on camping in France from the same diary.
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August 16, 2014

Format:Kindle Edition
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A good book is like a Tardis. It transports you into a different time and space. It takes you out from the hermetically sealed inside of your head and lands inside someone else's. If that someone else happens to be a boot-stomping, pipe-smoking, African bush survivalist with a large tent, large diesel vehicle and a lack of any other language beyond English, you know that you have found yourself in a strange space indeed.

What should have been a smooth holiday experience camping in the South of France turns out to be a hilarious adventure which involves several different nationalities, the way coffee is served in McDonald's, how a vehicle should be parked, the peculiar differences of French campsite gates, why you should never ask for a pipe in France and how the definition of personal space is different for each culture.

Marguerita Farrell is funny and serious in turns. She makes you glad to live in Europe and, by association, wonder why anyone would want to live in Africa (note to self, I love the fact that there are no crocs in European waters). Landing from on cultural-misunderstanding to the next she also manages to make a serious statement about the human condition. The majesty of being who we are and the ridiculousness of our preoccupations with the little things in life like dust and bathing in rivers.

If there is one word of caution I would give here is that if you get this book to dip into between work projects you will fall seriously behind. It is addictive, funny as hell (you will find yourself giggling like an idiot if you're reading this on the train) and totally worth your time.

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