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click to grab the full on glossy just wonderful darling might need to remorgage the house but worth every penny version of this book on amazon hereclick to grab the black and white version of the book stories from a cow girl diary europe the netherlands same stories graphics in black and white and frankly priced at a tad more realistic price  to sellThe book: Stories from a Cowgirl Diary Europe The Netherlands

On a cowgirl's adventures in the wonderland that is The Netherlands in Europe;

 These short stories cover discovering Amsterdam; That beach in Almera; Camping Dutch Style; Dealing with Dutch Aikido Masters; Staircases from hell; Being terrified by Graffiti; New to Amsterdam desperate for coffee and loads more.

The stories are written up as diary entries by a bit of a geek, can do, bring it on cowgirl who refuses to be intimidated by the strangeness of the new world;

defaults to laughter under pressure and sadly has no dignity in her genetic make up what so ever.

Included also are doodles from the same cow girls Diary ranging from: Camping The Winds a bit of a bastard to: Realizing there are things that smell worse than my boots.

This book is a humorous look at discovering the Dutch and wandering around exploring: The Netherlands. I do hope that when you read it, you roar with laughter