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New Book by the author Marguerita Farrell now available on Kindle

Bang Your Drum Online Marketing G+ How NOT to do it

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The book "Bang YOur Drum, Online Marketing G+ how NOT to do it" is On setting up an online Gift shop and totally hilariously publicly (cringe making) failing at the social media marketing side of life, focusing on the Google Plus Social media, this is a humorous look at trying to advertise a totally unique range of gifts, obtain followers (get people to put me into a circle) and generate a buzz around the new online shop or just a sale, one sale, any sale, common just one! 

For every online business success story you read about in the media, there will be loads of failures, as a business person

 I knew this, but sure I assumed I could figure out how to be one of the success stories, I also knew that a requirement of making a success of a business, is to try, fail, try again, fail again, but hopefully fail this time round a bit better, the result of that approach to online social marketing has been some totally red faced moments, roaring with laughter at past public social media disaster moments and all in all it has been one hell of a ride.
I hope you join me in this book on this look at the adventure into social media marketing and learn what not to do, laugh along side with me at the cringe making moments of getting social media marketing all wrong, have a few moments when you look at a social media marketing idea I had and go "oh me too" (it is always great to know you are not the only one who managed to muck up the social media side of marketing in a certain way) and basically read the book, roar with laughter, get back up off the floor and head off back into that mine field that is social media marketing with the knowledge that no matter how confusing you find it, at least one other person in the world found it even more so.

Marguerita Farrell 
Author, doodler, director and top dog trying to get this web page chock a block full of funny books to read, stunningly unique gift collections, and more fun gifts for all occasions,  known by more people.

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